Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birds In The Spring

This has been a springtime of bird incidents.  We posted on Easter Sunday of Anna holding her little birdie friend.  We checked out a bird book from the library and found our friend to be a Chickadee as we compared our picture with the one in the book.  Anna and I laughed as the book described them to be very friendly birds who will sometimes eat from your hand. We have had a bird or birds building nests in our grill.  You wouldn't believe the smoke the first time the nest burned (no birds or eggs thank goodness) as we did not see it until it was too late.  We now are checking carefully before lighting and have removed another nest and a partial nest.   A Bluebird got stuck in the pipe of our basketball goal (thank goodness we heard in fluttering in there) so we had to lay the goal down until the poor thing finally came out.  And finally a Brown Thrasher keeps building a nest among my recycle bags in the garage.  Some days when Anna and I go out into the garage, we have to duck because our birdie friend flies out right over our heads.  Anna has always loved birds and ducks.  I love these pictures from our last house when she was so little!  The boys had bought this big inflatable duckie pool for Anna and we filled it with their old beanie babies.  She loved to climb in and play, one of her favorites being the Robin.  Gotta love her expression when she saw the duck for the first time.  She wasn't talking yet, but you can see the thoughts all over her face.  "This is the biggest duck I have ever seen!"  Since we are talking birds, I will post a simple poem that I really like and memorized as I so want to be a good listener. Sorry I do not know the author.
A Wise Old Bird Sat On an Oak
The More She Saw, The Less She Spoke
The Less She Spoke, The More She Heard
Lord, Make Me Like That Wise Old Bird

Friday, May 16, 2008

Robotics Results from the Georgia Dome

The FIRST Robotics World Championship event held at the GA Dome, consisted of seven matches spaced out over a two day period.  World wide there are over 800 FIRST Vex teams.  "3 Brothers and Wesley" fought hard at tournaments in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina to be one of the 100 winning teams represented at the Dome.  They fought hard and won six out of the seven matches played!  They ended up as the 3rd place Captain alliance in the Edison Division and triumphed through the quarter finals, but lost in the semi-final match.  In the second day of competition, the event was opened by President George W. Bush!  While speaking, President Bush commented that this event was the "WWF for smart people."  The team had the opportunity to meet and shake hands with Dean Kamen, the founder of the FIRST organization, inventor of the Segway, Auto Syringe (mobile dialysis machine), and the all terrain electric wheelchair (iBOT) among other accomplishments.  Congratulations team, we are all so proud of you and we look forward to a great return for next year!  ( Dean Kamen is in the group picture. )

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A rainbow for anyone with the "Blooey Blues"

Anna loves to draw rainbows.  One day she said, "Mommy, sometimes if you are really sad, and you are so sad you don't even feel like playing....... you just have the Blooey Blues.  
I answer her with , "When you have the Blooey Blues, what should you do?"
Anna says, "Well you just go to bed, cover up and go to sleep.  Then when you wake up, the Blooey Blues will be all gone."
At this point I am wondering where in the world this information came from so I ask her, "How do you know all this?"
She replies, "Wow Wow Wubbzy ." 
So, for anyone out there with the Blooey Blues, don't worry about it, just go back to bed and sleep it off!  That should do the trick, but if it doesn't, Anna has colored you a rainbow on her chalkboard!  Have a great day!  

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sugar and Spice, Make that an extra measure of SPICE

This photo is of Anna who wanted to stay outside playing, rather than take a shower!

While working on our taxes, Scott and I had piles of paper everywhere.  I told Anna to Not Touch any thing as this "paper work" was very important.  Her reply, "Mommy don't be adiculous (ridiculous)!  Papa lets me do paper work all the time! "   (Papa lets her do whatever she wants)!

One of Anna's often used expressions is, "I am so FRUSHERATED!"  While at the dentist waiting for Wesley, the appointment took a very long time.  Anna who was as pretty as a picture in a girly dress with bows to match, had waited entirely too long for her brother. It was finally time to check out, but by the reception desk and in front of a very crowded room full of patients...... Anna lost it.  "Dang It, Dang It, Dang It, Dang It!  I am tired of this place and this is taking too long!"  Was what came very loudly out of my lovely princess's mouth!  One receptionist was on the phone and started laughing so hard she had to put the phone down. The other one whispered she agreed with Anna!  The whole place was laughing as my face is turning red because my little princess sounds more like a sailor.  A third receptionist offered some encouragement as she stood up to peer over the counter and see who was making such a ruckus.  As she noted my lovely three year old and two teenagers, she said  "Don't feel too bad, we have heard worse!"
Anna is "FRUSHERATED" as she is not allowed to say "Dang It" anymore!

Not too long ago,  Anna had to take a time out for pushing Will.  She was very MAD.  She sat with arms folded and when her time was up, was told to tell Will she was sorry so everyone could go outside to play.  She refused. The ultimatum was given and she would either apologize or go to her room.  So with arms folded and nose in the air, she got up and went to her room.  Throw in a "HUMPHHH!" as she went by as well.  Mind you she loves to go outside with the family but not this time.  No Sir!  She was not going to lower herself and offer Will an apology.  After quite some time she did finally give in,  whew....... our girl can be stubborn when she sets her mind to it!  Spicy!  On some occasions when her time out is over, we tell her she can get up, but she just tells us she is not done yet!   And we asked God to Please have Mercy on us in our older age!

Happy Belated birthday post for Will

Check out those muscles on the last photo!  On April 30th our Will turned 15!  Where does the time go?  What a blessing you are to our family, Will, and to so many who know you.  You are the perfect mix of fierce determination and personal drive,  yet still possessing a gentle and quiet spirit.  You lead quietly, setting the example while others watch.  I can not tell you how many people stop and tell me what an inspiration you are to them and their children.  We are so proud of you, not just for what you accomplish, but more so for "who" you are.  We love you and know God has wonderful plans for you.  We are your biggest fans as you "Face the Giants" every day. 

Tinkerbell and her favorite toy "Dollhouse with horse stables"

Will prefers Anna as a princess but here lately she thinks she is TINKERBELL..... with PIXIE DUST and all. My mom gave her a TINKERBELL costume for Christmas.  Not too long ago in the van, Will was sitting next to Anna aka TINKERBELL.  She was blowing spit rasberries into the sunlight and saying, "Look Will!  Pixie dust !"  Of course, Will lets her know immediately as she is now spitting his way, "That is not Pixie dust!  You are spitting on me!"  Her reply, "No Will, it is pixie dust! I am SUPER MAGICAL!!!" Will laughed and asked to move to the back.  There was no stopping the pixie dust as long as the sunbeam remained! TINKERBELL also loves to use her pixie dust to turn her brothers into stinky buffalos.