Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th

We went to the mountains for a long weekend. God's country. Beautiful and peaceful.
 We really enjoyed getting away from the world for a few days.  Scott has been so busy with work, he really needed a nice break and we needed the time together.  We have no internet there so it feels like we really unplug a bit. We took some time to pray for our family, our business and our country.
 The weather was perfect.  We had a cold front come through so we opened the windows and took in the fresh mountain air. We were actually cool in the mornings and evenings which is rare in GA in July. We took nice morning walks and spent the afternoons swimming in the cool lake.  Good quality family time with the girls.  Missed having Wesley and Will with us but they had other things going on.  We hope to get a weekend in with the 6 of us SOMETIME this summer.
Our favorite scary tree.
In the evenings we joke that this tree comes to life and watches us. We see it across the lake from our back deck.  Our favorite scary tree with eyes that light up.  The girls love for me to tell them stories about our pretend tree friend.

Love to get fresh doughnuts in the morning

Amy jumping as high as she can off the float

Anna flying out over the water

Having fun with Dad, king of the raft

Sisters striking a pose on the float

Going out to dinner and to watch Hiawassee's firework show.  Have our light up glow sticks ready!

Fishing with dad, but he has to bait the hook with the worm.  Anna is quiet and patient so they had some good time together.

Amy's first time to fish.  She gave it a two thumbs down.  After a few minutes of having to stand still and nothing happening.....she said:  "I hate fishing.  The fish never come!"  Then she be-bopped around the dock looking for the ducks.

We went to our church's July 4th patriotic service last weekend. We all enjoyed the music but when it was time for the pastor to preach, of all times, Amy pulled her front tooth out. It has been loose for weeks. She and I had the pleasure of exiting the service in full view of what felt like a hundred people watching us, as we had been seated down front!
She was really excited about it finally coming out and would have stopped to show each and every person if  I would not have been dragging her out as fast as possible.....her mouth bleeding and all.   Preacher or no.
This picture was taken in the church bathroom.