Family Picture

Family Picture

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hiking and Eating Apple Pie!

We made a short hike to a beautiful waterfall and then made our way to our favorite apple orchards.  We took home lots of apples and fresh cider.  As you can see Anna was enjoying her fried apple pie down to the last bite.  The boys ate theirs so fast I didn't get the picture in time!  Happy Autumn to everyone!

Pumpkin Farm and Hay Ride

We just love this time of year and in spite of a little rain, we made our trip to Burt's Pumpkin farm in Dawsonville GA.  We were the only ones on the hay ride but not the only ones out in the rain.  We had a great time and the scenery was beautiful!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Anna The Plumber!

We had a small leak under our kitchen sink so Scott and Anna took care of it.  This girl likes to be in the middle of everything!  Of course I made sure it was nice and clean under there before I let her climb in with her dad!  That is the good thing about a leak, it makes you clean out all the old cleaning supplies and tidy up under there!  Anna loves to fiddle around in Scott's tool bag and ask what things are for and what they do.  When she was younger, she liked to use it as a doctor bag and somehow got my Dad's toe in a wrench when he wasn't paying attention, then twisted it! No more playing doctor Anna after that!  Her very important job on this project was to hold the flashlight for Dad. Well done Scott and Anna the plumbers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pudgy the Panda Comes To Visit

Anna's class mascot came for a visit a few weekends ago.  Pudgy stayed by her side for all of our activities.  We made some scrapbook pages and kept a journal of the visit to share with the class upon Pudgy's return.  Some highlights include Anna reading all of her library books to Pudgy, and playing in the dollhouse with Anna's own little Panda and little ponies.  The dolls actually had to move out for a few days to make room!  Of course no visit would be complete without a little shopping!