Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Will Graduates

Hard to believe Will is in the graduating class of 2012! Been a tough spring for him recovering from major surgery. He was set on walking down to get his diploma.  He did just that!  We are so proud of you Will! You have an amazing school record. More importantly, your love for Jesus shines through you! Congrats!  Well done!

Standing by his senior table.  Lots of awards and achievements..........sports, academics and leadership. Our favorite was his "most Christ like" awards.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Will's Surgery

Distal Tibial Opening Wedge Osteotomies.......yes this was a difficult road for Will and for us as his family to see him quietly suffer and be idle for so long.  We know he prefers to be out running, working out or biking daily.  He is not a complainer.  Just gets through as best as he can.

He is tough as nails though and once the most difficult days pain wise, were behind him at the hospital, he refused pain meds and then he was back to his independent self.  We all got pretty good at getting him from place to place but he eventually got to where he wanted no help if there was any possible way for him to move himself.  He got really good at transferring himself from wheelchair to chair or bed.  He has super upper body strength.  Wesley was his personal driver as I was not strong enough to lift Will or the wheelchair into the van!  Team/family effort to get through this together.  Will......your patience, grace and tenacity through difficult times....are an inspiration to all of us.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anna's Dance Recital

Wesley and Will were thrilled.  We had front row seats this year due to Will being in a wheelchair.  Really was funny to see the look on their faces when they saw a "reserved" sign with our name on it......on the very front row.  Yep, they would have to stay to the very sneaking out after Anna danced!  Gave me a chance to snap some pictures of the three of them after the show!