Henderson Happenings

Henderson Happenings

Friday, September 5, 2014

August summer days

The first days of August we enjoyed getting our schoolroom ready.  With these dog days of summer it really was not hard to start back to official homeschooling on August the 4th. It is just too hot to be outside until the evening . We have been doing school all summer, but not every subject, every day.  Now that we have more subjects to cover, we are trying to work out our schedule in a way that both girls get plenty of teaching time with me.  It took us about a week to find our footing and figure out how to get the most out of our day.  I will post more on that next time.  Until then, here are a few pictures of these last days of summer.
Making cupcake pillows 

The finished cupcake pillow will decorate Anna's reading spot

Amy wants to use her's also, along with some of her other reading buddies

Girls on wheels getting their exercise

Pink Lemonade Cake

Pretending we have a horse on a saddle PaPa bought at a flea market

We have a saddle now Mom, but I  really want a horse!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We moved Will to Athens

It is official.  Will is at UGA. 
We have been getting ready for this..... Will and I had fun shopping for his apartment and getting supplies.
Moved him down on a Sunday, with lumps in our throats and me trying not to be teary eyed.
 Now he is a Georgia Bulldog.
 Go Dawgs.  Be Safe, Will. 
 Go Dawgs.  Eat healthy, Will.
  Go Dawgs. We know you will study hard and do well like you always have in the past, Will.
 We are happy for you and know this is good.  We couldn't be more pleased about your roommates (great guys) and your apartment.  What a neat time we shared as we all moved you guys in, cleaned up and had a special prayer time all together. 
 Very special.  
How bout them Dawgs!
 We miss you already, Will.
Anna sewed a loose button on Will's favorite shorts the morning Will was leaving

Loading up

Time to say goodbye to the girls, they are not happy about this

Will's bedroom.  Sharing a 4 bdrm apartment with 3 other great guys

Another hug from Mom,  but not the last one

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July....Some Time at the Beach

We always love out time at the beach. 
Days filled with playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean
Our favorite times were on the sand bar playing in the waves, Anna and Amy diving under with their goggles on 
Big jumps and handstands in the pool
Rainbows and Sunsets
Reading some good books
And most importantly, time together 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th

We went to the mountains for a long weekend. God's country. Beautiful and peaceful.
 We really enjoyed getting away from the world for a few days.  Scott has been so busy with work, he really needed a nice break and we needed the time together.  We have no internet there so it feels like we really unplug a bit. We took some time to pray for our family, our business and our country.
 The weather was perfect.  We had a cold front come through so we opened the windows and took in the fresh mountain air. We were actually cool in the mornings and evenings which is rare in GA in July. We took nice morning walks and spent the afternoons swimming in the cool lake.  Good quality family time with the girls.  Missed having Wesley and Will with us but they had other things going on.  We hope to get a weekend in with the 6 of us SOMETIME this summer.
Our favorite scary tree.
In the evenings we joke that this tree comes to life and watches us. We see it across the lake from our back deck.  Our favorite scary tree with eyes that light up.  The girls love for me to tell them stories about our pretend tree friend.

Love to get fresh doughnuts in the morning

Amy jumping as high as she can off the float

Anna flying out over the water

Having fun with Dad, king of the raft

Sisters striking a pose on the float

Going out to dinner and to watch Hiawassee's firework show.  Have our light up glow sticks ready!

Fishing with dad, but he has to bait the hook with the worm.  Anna is quiet and patient so they had some good time together.

Amy's first time to fish.  She gave it a two thumbs down.  After a few minutes of having to stand still and nothing happening.....she said:  "I hate fishing.  The fish never come!"  Then she be-bopped around the dock looking for the ducks.

We went to our church's July 4th patriotic service last weekend. We all enjoyed the music but when it was time for the pastor to preach, of all times, Amy pulled her front tooth out. It has been loose for weeks. She and I had the pleasure of exiting the service in full view of what felt like a hundred people watching us, as we had been seated down front!
She was really excited about it finally coming out and would have stopped to show each and every person if  I would not have been dragging her out as fast as possible.....her mouth bleeding and all.   Preacher or no.
This picture was taken in the church bathroom.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

June, Summer is here

We survived having exterior painters at our home. For quite some time.  Seems like every time they came to paint, it would rain.  Just long enough to delay things again. When they were here, I had to be on special duty Amy watch.  Boy, did she really want to help them paint. And ask them questions, plus make small talk and such.  It all started on the first day they came.  I noticed they started from the top of the house and would work their way down.  Made a mental note to myself to have a talk with Amy about staying out of their way, not to touch where they were painting, and not to wander outside to talk to them. We are working on "not talking to strangers" as I have to constantly reign Amy back. Amy and Anna had been up in the school room for awhile when Amy came down and asked me point blank if she could talk with the painters.  I told her no, that we don't know them, and that I would handle all the talking to them, that they were very busy. About that time Anna comes down to tell me Amy had already climbed up into the closed dormer window and talked with the painter. She had pressed her face to the glass and had a conversation.  Amy told me the following: " I can't remember his name Momma because he is Spanish.  I said Hola to him and he said Hola back.  I said hello to him and he said hello back.  I asked him if he has a momma and he said yes.  I asked him if he had a daughter and he said no.  And he doesn't know why he only has one ear ring. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to talk to them!"
So I had my talk with Amy but when we had to leave doors open on the back or front porches,  the temptation was just too great.
She made friends with Juan, who has three daughters and who painted his nose to make her laugh.
Showed some painters her freshly "painted" fingernails.
Left one of her books open and wedged in the window in case they wanted to take a break and read.
Another day sent her and Anna downstairs to jump on the trampoline so she would move away from the porches/doors to stop watching them and talking to them.  Unbeknownst to me,  they were also down below on the basement patio painting doors.  Anna told me Amy's conversation with yet another painter:  "Hi Mr. Painter.  You are doing a really good job.  One day when I grow up I am going to be a painter just like you!"  Anna said he laughed and said thank you. She's a mess!

Glad they are now finished and our house looks really great.
The window Amy talked through, with her new found painter friend that only has one earring.

Now we are staying busy doing homeschool and getting ahead for the year. We love our Story of the World, History CD series and Amy is right in on it.  I always copy her a map and coloring page that goes with the lesson so she can stay busy while she listens.  Much of it is too complicated at this point but she does get something out of it. I help her with the map and she copies Anna because she is so proud to be doing whatever Anna is doing!! Amy is reading three letter words, sounding out and has a  small stack of beginner readers that she can read to me.  Anna, Amy and myself continue to read books together in the afternoons as well.  I read fiction and non fiction trying to capture whatever Amy's interest is at the time.  For example, when we had the snake incident, we read a snake book. We have read books about bats, and birds, foxes and frogs and the seasons of the year.  The girls are catching fireflies in the evenings so we checked out some firefly books.  We have read books about the weather as thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon and books that tie into the history lessons. We recently learned about the Dutch in history so we read a true story about Katje the Windmill Cat.  Last week we read about a young giraffe that kept wandering away from his tall, tall momma.  Mamma giraffe kept telling him to "stay close", "stay safe"  but he kept pushing the limits and was in danger from predators.  He was not a bad giraffe...he was only  curious.This one was good for Amy as we continue to work on her staying close to me at stores and public places.  She sees something that interests her and off she goes...just like little giraffe in the story. And she never meets a stranger, will chit chat with anybody.  She said, "Momma you are not a tall, tall momma, you are just a little momma so you can't see me."
"That is right Amy, you need to stay close so you can stay safe".
 Because we read this book many times, we looked up more information on giraffes and have learned some interesting facts about them.  Often the girls have questions, we look them up on the internet and sometimes watch short videos on subjects. Reading so many books, I was blown away when we made a list for the library reading program, seeing it on paper as I don't keep up with it other wise.  We just love our reading time, so we go to the library sometimes twice a week to get more books. Anna listens with us but also has her own bag of books that are way past her grade level as she is an excellent reader.  It is a wonderful thing to be able to educate little people and especially to teach one who has missed so very much.  So exciting to see her and Anna, and myself, for that matter, learn together and enjoy good stories together.
Unless it is a really cloudy day,  it is too hot to play outside so we are making the most of indoor activities.  We often go outside in the evenings, after we cover with insect repellant, that is.  The mosquitoes have arrived in full force for the summer.  The girls ride scooters or gallop around like they are horses while I take a walk.
We will be headed to the beach in July so we will be swimming every day there to stay cool. It will be a nice change of scenery and help us survive the summer.

The week Anna had sewing class we had to get up early.  When Amy told me they were going to take a nap in the guest room upstairs, I did not believe her. I thought, sure you are.   Checked on them later as it got so quiet and indeed they were napping.
I think this may have been a first for Amy, she never ever naps.

I got a new camera so Will tried to capture a shot of The "Honey Moon" that only happens every 15 years.  

Amy's "go to " outfit if I let her choose her clothes. Giraffe print capris and flower print shirt. There is a striped shirt she sometimes pairs with these capris also. She loves all the bright colors.
This is Amy! Wild and silly, bouncy and bright, live life to the fullest with your colors going every which way.
  This is our stay at home wear.
Will, in his dry manner says, "I see she picked out her clothes today".
Painting with watercolors.  We have been watching the deer in our yard.  Amy wants to catch one and tell them we won't hurt them, so they don't have to run away.  

She painted every pair "red" her favorite color. We each had to pick our favorite pair.  She would not let me pick the flats.  "No, mom.  You have to pick high heels".  

Playing in the rain

Anna's sewing projects

Arabian Princesses riding unicorns

Walked the church campus for exercise on the day we had dancewear fitting.  Was nice and cool inside.  

Amy in the lead.  Pretending to be a wild pony.

Checking out  some shirts at Kohls

And surprise, surprise, who is in the accessory department?
"Momma, can you see me over here?  I really lika these!"