Henderson Happenings

Henderson Happenings

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amy Sings

She sings about everything.  Sometimes it feels like we are living in an opera as she sings her sentences or  her made up songs throughout our day.  The overflowing of her happy heart.   And does she ever feel the beat whenever there is upbeat music playing.  She bounces, shakes, or shimmies to the rhythm.
I remember back to our time with Amy in China.  On one particularly difficult day, Amy started singing in the bathroom, a little Chinese song. Made us both smile as I was helping her at the time. It was truly music to my ears.  I remember thinking:  if this broken hearted child can sing under these traumatic circumstances,  she is going to eventually be alright.   Things will one day be well with her.
 It was a gift....... as I believe the Lord knew we all needed a little encouragement.
I began to sing to her while in China especially when things were upsetting to her.  It worked in getting her to brush her teeth and wash her hands, or take a bath ( things she was not accustomed to doing)  as we tried to make it fun.
We had taken her a little music ipod filled with children's songs to China with us. When at our hotel,  she would sometimes put the ear phones on, go into the closet, shut the bifold doors and stay there for a few minutes at a time. Come out and check on us then go back in.   It may have been her "refuge" as she tried to cope with everything that was happening to her as best as she could.

 I remember twinkle twinkle little star was one of her first songs she learned in English.
It would often be in her version of Chinglish.  English and part Chinese combined.
Then when we got home she sang:  "Bah Bah Black sheep, Hammy Hammy wool."
                                                        " Old McDonny haddy farm.  E.I.E.I.O!"
                                                          "Jesa lova me a dis Ia know"
                                                           " Little bunny fooa foo hoppa trough a forra"
I wish I could have this all on video.  The only one I have is her version of twinkle little star that I posted in the past.  I miss her Chinglish as she is speaking all English now and she has pretty much lost her accents. She is such a smart girl as she continues to learn so many new words every day.
I have a cd with Bible verses put to music and she loves it. We do a verse per week and play/sing the song several times a day.   Planting God's word in her heart. It has been good for Anna too as it has refreshed her memory of these from when we did them years ago.  We are also listening to a children's cd with simple choruses and hymns.
I sing with her throughout our day and she loves it.

One of her favorites that she often sings now........ warms my soul every single time I hear her sing it:
"Everything's alright in my Father's house,
In my Father's house,
In my Father's house.
Everything's alright, in my Father's house,
where theres JOY, JOY, JOY!"

And let me tell you.  She sings it from a deep place.... as she endured but still remembers,  a place where.......... things were not alright.
But now they are. 
 And we are thankful every single day to have our singing, happy, thankful girl here with us where we can keep her safe, meet her needs physically, spiritually and emotionally while we love her unconditionally and pray for her to know ...way down deep.... that yes indeed this family is forever, and things will be alright for her......from now on.

Psalm 5:11
But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September and School

Hard to believe September is almost over.  We are rolling right along with our homeschooling.  Anna is in 5th grade this year and doing really well. She can do a lot of her assignments independently while I work with Amy.  I give Amy some workbook pages when I need to work with Anna.  Anna and I later go over all of her lessons together when Amy is doing some school work on the computer.  The girls have learned how to share Mom and work quietly most of the time.  Amy is progressing quickly and because we schooled through the summer, she will be ready to bump up to 1st grade work much sooner than I anticipated.  I am happy to say I had to ship a boxful of kindergarten curriculum back to the bookstore as it would be too easy for her.  She is so proud of being able to read words all my herself! She and I often go to another room to work on phonics and reading out loud. Both girls have their own math dvd lessons to watch, then practice in their workbooks.
Two smart girls. We are blessed! They love being able to homeschool. We can go at their own pace.  We are learning so much and reading so many good books. We are learning some hymns and patriotic songs as we have music time.  We all agree though, one of our favorite times of our day is our Bible time.  When the weather is nice, we often go out on the porch for this.  We are also keeping individual Thankful notebooks.  This keeps each of us a running list of things we are thankful for on any given day.  Small things and big things. We are learning that we have so many little things to be thankful for and we often take them for granted.  Lots of small things add up to a big thing!  Amy is so very happy for us girls to have so much time together.  About once a week, Amy wants me to write in her notebook:  "I'm thankful for my mama because in China, I did not have one!"
Amy doing math at her work table.

Anna working on science at her table

Amy practicing her long vowel sounds.  She wrote them and marked them long.

Bible/devotion/prayer time on the porch

We do all of these together.  A little something for everyone.  

Our chalk board with the Bible verse of the week

Anna's bulletin board/ reading spot

Amy's bulletin board and reading spot

Riding bikes with PAPA

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Watery Eyes and My Daughter Who Prays

I've been having eye troubles.  Since the end of June, my eyes have been watering.  A lot.  Driving me crazy as it looks and feels like I'm crying, much of the time.  After two different opthalmology evaluations and procedures, both conclusions were that my tear ducts are stopped/closed up.  So instead of draining like they are supposed to do, my eyes just fill up and spill over.  Keeps my eyes irritated and my left hand with a tissue in it most of the time.  Not sure why this is happening but the doctors agree that I need to see an ENT to get one more evaluation and then possibly have surgery to make new tear ducts.  Upon being a little nervous for the last exam and procedure, Amy wanted to pray for me.  We were actually in Costco doing some quick shopping where I met Scott (as he was taking the girls home while I went to the doctor). Anna had been teasing me about not being nervous as she knows I do not like doctor visits of any kind.  Amy was worried about me.  I told her she could pray for me when we all left but she didn't want to wait.  Broke out into a prayer, right there in Costco, as we took each others hands.  Made me actually almost cry for real as I love my little prayer warrior.  And truth be told, I was quite nervous about the appointment and procedure to check my tear ducts again. I'm a sissy and I don't like to have my eyes messed with.  Plus I'm thinking that this little girlie's prayers just might availeth much more....... than my own.
Her prayer went like this:

"Dear Jesus,
My mama's eyes are blurry.  She needs your help, dear Jesus.  We need for her to be back to normal because she has lots of things to do. She is a super fantastic Mama. The Best.  She reads to me and Anna and she teaches us school at home. And we sing too. And do crafts. But her eyes are not right.   Her eyes, they get all blurry and that is not good, dear Jesus cause she also needs to cook us food and take care of us and buy groceries.  Will you help my mama's eyes to get all better, and help her not to be afraid?   Dear Jesus, please help her not to feel worried, because I don't want her to feel worried.  In Jesus' name.  Amen"

Then after saying goodbyes for the afternoon and  putting her in the car with Scott, , she rolled down her window to call out to me a Bible verse we learned a few weeks ago:
"Mama, just remember!  When I am afraid, I will TRUST in you, Jesus!  You can do it mama!  You know that verse and you can do it.  Just keep saying it Mama!  Don't be worried!"

It's a really good thing that my car, and my pocket book were loaded down with tissues. This girl of mine, as young as she is, and in spite of all she has been through,  knows how to get to the heart of things and has learned how to pray, any time and any place... the need arises.  Then as I drove my separate way,  boy did I smile.... while the abundance of real tears flowed.
Oh me, of little faith.

Friday, September 5, 2014

August summer days

The first days of August we enjoyed getting our schoolroom ready.  With these dog days of summer it really was not hard to start back to official homeschooling on August the 4th. It is just too hot to be outside until the evening . We have been doing school all summer, but not every subject, every day.  Now that we have more subjects to cover, we are trying to work out our schedule in a way that both girls get plenty of teaching time with me.  It took us about a week to find our footing and figure out how to get the most out of our day.  I will post more on that next time.  Until then, here are a few pictures of these last days of summer.
Sewing cupcake pillows 

The finished cupcake pillow will decorate Anna's reading spot

Amy wants to use her's also, along with some of her other reading buddies

Girls on wheels getting their exercise

Pink Lemonade Cake

Pretending we have a horse on a saddle PaPa bought at a flea market

We have a saddle now Mom, but I  really want a horse!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We moved Will to Athens

It is official.  Will is at UGA. 
We have been getting ready for this..... Will and I had fun shopping for his apartment and getting supplies.
Moved him down on a Sunday, with lumps in our throats and me trying not to be teary eyed.
 Now he is a Georgia Bulldog.
 Go Dawgs.  Be Safe, Will. 
 Go Dawgs.  Eat healthy, Will.
  Go Dawgs. We know you will study hard and do well like you always have in the past, Will.
 We are happy for you and know this is good.  We couldn't be more pleased about your roommates (great guys) and your apartment.  What a neat time we shared as we all moved you guys in, cleaned up and had a special prayer time all together. 
 Very special.  
How bout them Dawgs!
 We miss you already, Will.
Anna sewed a loose button on Will's favorite shorts the morning Will was leaving

Loading up

Time to say goodbye to the girls, they are not happy about this

Will's bedroom.  Sharing a 4 bdrm apartment with 3 other great guys

Another hug from Mom,  but not the last one

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

July....Some Time at the Beach

We always love out time at the beach. 
Days filled with playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean
Our favorite times were on the sand bar playing in the waves, Anna and Amy diving under with their goggles on 
Big jumps and handstands in the pool
Rainbows and Sunsets
Reading some good books
And most importantly, time together 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th

We went to the mountains for a long weekend. God's country. Beautiful and peaceful.
 We really enjoyed getting away from the world for a few days.  Scott has been so busy with work, he really needed a nice break and we needed the time together.  We have no internet there so it feels like we really unplug a bit. We took some time to pray for our family, our business and our country.
 The weather was perfect.  We had a cold front come through so we opened the windows and took in the fresh mountain air. We were actually cool in the mornings and evenings which is rare in GA in July. We took nice morning walks and spent the afternoons swimming in the cool lake.  Good quality family time with the girls.  Missed having Wesley and Will with us but they had other things going on.  We hope to get a weekend in with the 6 of us SOMETIME this summer.
Our favorite scary tree.
In the evenings we joke that this tree comes to life and watches us. We see it across the lake from our back deck.  Our favorite scary tree with eyes that light up.  The girls love for me to tell them stories about our pretend tree friend.

Love to get fresh doughnuts in the morning

Amy jumping as high as she can off the float

Anna flying out over the water

Having fun with Dad, king of the raft

Sisters striking a pose on the float

Going out to dinner and to watch Hiawassee's firework show.  Have our light up glow sticks ready!

Fishing with dad, but he has to bait the hook with the worm.  Anna is quiet and patient so they had some good time together.

Amy's first time to fish.  She gave it a two thumbs down.  After a few minutes of having to stand still and nothing happening.....she said:  "I hate fishing.  The fish never come!"  Then she be-bopped around the dock looking for the ducks.

We went to our church's July 4th patriotic service last weekend. We all enjoyed the music but when it was time for the pastor to preach, of all times, Amy pulled her front tooth out. It has been loose for weeks. She and I had the pleasure of exiting the service in full view of what felt like a hundred people watching us, as we had been seated down front!
She was really excited about it finally coming out and would have stopped to show each and every person if  I would not have been dragging her out as fast as possible.....her mouth bleeding and all.   Preacher or no.
This picture was taken in the church bathroom.