Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sewing classes

We had the fun of hosting sewing classes for a group of girls this winter.  They brought their sewing machines (or their moms' machines) and set up shop down in our basement.  Sounded like a little factory down there!  We had a great teacher who is very gifted with loads of patience and talented sewing skills.  The girls had a great time so we are planning for more classes this spring.

Sewing carefully they made aprons first

Amy got to sew a Christmas ornament with the teacher

Nice group of girls

Modeling the pajama pants they made

They made skirts also

Anna picked out her fabric, and chose a longer skirt length. Her finished skirt makes a nice outfit!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Off to a Great 2015

We started the year reviewing what we had learned before our Christmas break.
A woman of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Proverbs 31:10
Both girls love jewelry.  We recently went to Tellus museum and panned for precious gems as Anna has been learning all about rocks and minerals in science. Amy is wearing a necklace/ small container that holds all the gems we found.  We also looked up the different gems and stones to learn more about them.  Amy loves rubies as her favorite color is red.  When learning this Bible verse, she kept asking me, "I am worth more than rubies?"  And her eyes would be wide when I answered her with "absolutely"! " You are worth FAR MORE than rubies." Amy's face would just shine with approval as it sinks in how precious and "valuable" she is.   Anna 's favorite stones are purple amethyst. So important for my sweet girls to never doubt their worth as we love them so, and for them to understand they are beautiful, priceless, daughters to Scott and I ,  but also precious daughters to the King of Kings.

Precious gems for two precious daughters

We have enjoyed this book as it's beautiful illustrations help us remember the virtues found in Proverbs 31.
What a joy to spend these days with my precious daughters and study God's word together.

Posted in our classroom
What a blessing to be a part of instilling these virtues in my sweet girls and reminding them daily, how much they are loved and cherished.

Our January is off to a good start.  Anna, when she was little,  and now Amy,  has learned the months of the year using our school throw blanket and singing our "months of the year" song.

Our schoolroom calendar, because both girls love horses

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

In spite of sickness, we had a special Christmas this year.  Sometimes it takes pulling away from the world, and the busyness of even the best of things, for us to truly focus on the most important things.
We celebrated this year with a sharper, more intentional, appreciation of His coming. 
 His humble birth...Immanuel...God with us.  
He is our hope.  An anchor for our souls, not only at Christmas, but always.  We are so glad He came.  So thankful He provides for us, gently leads us,  restores us, comforts us, heals us and bountifully blesses us.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!  
Luke 2:14

It has also been a wonderful thing to witness Amy coming to understand the Christmas story.  Hearing her and Anna's voices singing Christmas carols and quoting scripture from the the events surrounding Jesus' birth was one of my favorite gifts this year.

When watching the polar express with Amy on Christmas eve, I was so moved by Amy's response to one of the opening scenes of the movie.  
When the boy comes out of his home and is offered a ride on the train, 
Amy commented:  Momma, is he coming back home?  Cause if he is not coming back home, I don't want to watch this movie.  It will be a bad movie.
My response:  He will absolutely be going back to his home, all the children will be going back home to their families.  They will ride on the train to the north pole, stay for just a little while, then go back home.
Amy's comment:  Are you sure?
My response:  Yes, I am sure because I have seen this movie before.
This movie will end well.
Amy's response:  Ok momma, I want to watch it then.
My response:  All will be well with you also my sweet Amy, because you are home with us, and we are your forever family and no matter where you go, you will ALWAYS come back home.
Amy's final response as she settled under her blanket with comfort and reassurance so we could start the movie back:  Good!!! 
Then she snuggled up close between Scott and myself and enjoyed the movie.

Because Amy has been so sick with high fevers and flu symptoms, she slept in bed with me all week and I was pretty much by her side most of the time during the day other than when she dozed.  I fed her crushed popsicles with a spoon, a few goldfish crackers at a time and would keep cool wash cloths on her forehead. Her attachment to me has been taken to a deeper level.  I see it even now that she is much better.  She stays close to me throughout the day.  Wanting to be wherever I am.  And as anyone who has adopted an older child before knows, this is a very good thing indeed.  
And if it took the mean and nasty Influenza A to tighten our mother/daughter bond with even greater strength, then we will count this as one of our most wonderful Christmas blessings for 2014.

Anna's favorite gifts were her sewing machine and art kit

Amy's favorite gifts were all things "Frozen" and her art kit

Stocking stuff, candy and light up, soft, fluffy snowballs

Amy loves anything that lights up!
Ice skating Elsa! Unwrapping wonderful Christmas presents trumps the flu!

One more favorite, a cookie press

Mandarin Dress and matching purple headband for Chinese New Year
Amy loves the character of Elsa and can sing most of the songs from the movie.  She got the sing along version of Frozen and sang her heart out when we watched it together Christmas night.

Wesley likes his new pajama's and soft blanket

Will about to unwrap his soft blanket

Thankful for a nice Christmas day even as 5 out of the six of us did not feel 100%

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Week Before Christmas

We love the "getting ready" for Christmas almost as much as the big day itself.  Our festivities got side lined this year when sickness hit.  We gave up much of the baking, crafting and our strep throat for Anna and Influenza Type A confirmed on Monday for Amy.....wiped out most of our plans for the week.  We did have plenty of pajama time, Christmas movies and music, read some Christmas books, and colored Christmas pictures.  We have enjoyed the beauty of our Christmas tree and decorations as there is no place like home during the holidays.....and when you're feeling under the weather.
We got to witness this flock of birds landing in our woods

My morning quiet time on the porch

Thankfully some early gingerbread men before getting sick

Enjoying our chocolate chip cookie dough gingerbread man

Down for the count, My sick sweeties

Several really rough days for my Amy as she battled high fevers

Nannie and PaPa sent food and presents for a couple of sad girls who were missing our family party

More smiles as they are thankful for new toys 
Amy showing signs of improvement as she plays also, but she has to take breaks to rest.
Quietly playing with magnatiles from Nannie and PaPa as still not feeling well

Christmas eve still too sick to venture out.  Read our Bible from Luke and had our own Christmas eve service.  Then watched Polar Express.  Amy's first time to see it and she loved it.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas activities

We are enjoying the time before Christmas as we do crafts, read Christmas books and enjoy Christmas music.  Amy is beyond excited this year as she understands what Christmas is all about. Anna has always loved Christmas time so we are enjoying these days ......just need the clock to slow down as we don't want it all to go by too fast! 

Anna and Amy got to open a present early

Christmas Pajamas
Amy wanted the wooden train we made to be included with her photo.  She loves the red light in it!

Anna loves to paint

Amy painting her snowman, but the hammering is still her favorite part!

Santa just happened to be at Home Depot

The finished yard stakes after we spayed them with clear urethane and put them where we can see them outside our breakfast room window

Silly breakfast on our Christmas China

Helping wrap presents and special delivery to put under the tree

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sledding without Snow

The girls are great at coming up with new things to do.  We go outside most afternoons as I like to walk and they need fresh air and exercise also.  This is the latest form of exercise play for them.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Week of Thanksgiving Family Photos

Lots of fun and good times with all of our family on two Thanksgiving gatherings.
My parents and all the grand kids plus great grand kids

My parents, siblings and all their children 

Silly Xmas photos as Wesley and Will humor me with ugly Christmas sweaters

Reminds me of the good ole days

Scott's parents and grandchildren plus great grandchildren

Scotts parents sister and brother in law, missing two brothers Blake and Casey plus family