Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Insulated Cup Collection

We have been collecting pretty drinking cups since Amy came home from China.  In an effort to have the girls drink more water, I thought it would be motivating to have a lovely cup, from which to drink that water.  My plan has worked.  Every morning before we go up to do school, they pick their cup for the day and fill it to the top.  The goal is to drink at least one full cup per day, but I encourage them to drink more, and they usually do. We take our cups with us when we run errands, play outside, just about every where we go. We always know whose cup is whose.Thankful for the simple pleasures of life,  good clean, drinkable water. Behold our collection. 
Probably their favorite, bling cups.
Amy the pink, Anna the purple.

Christmas stocking stuffers from 2014.  Glitter, winter snowflake cups. You can shake the glitter and stars around.
These make for good sensory input while you drink. :)
Amy blue, Anna purple.

Valentine's cups from 2014
These have nice grip strips around them.
Amy pink, Anna purple

These were spring cups but both girls dropped them on different occasions and the outer  layer broke off.  We still use them, they are just not insulated anymore.  Pretty neat, they have raised bubbles on them. Another nice sensory input cup. We agree that out of all the cups, the girls were glad these broke, but in such a way as to still use them.
Amy pink which used to have multi colored plaid/flower outer cup,  Anna yellow which used to have a purple polkadot outer cup.
Anna is always purple something!

My cups. Keeps us more germ free and we always know which cup is ours and who drank how much water!
And we can identify if someone leaves their cup in a strange place.

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