Family Picture

Family Picture

Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow Days from February 24th and 25th

I am behind on posting our snow day pictures.  It was great to have Scott home for the week as first we had some ice then a day or so later the big snow came.  We ate some great home cooked food: cheddar potato/ broccoli/carrot soup, fresh baked bread, and a pan of chocolate chip brownies. We enjoyed the real wood fireplace. Before the snow came,  the girls enjoyed helping to stack the wood by the front door.  They pretended to be pioneers.  Plus they remember being without power the last time we had ice, so this was added security of being able to stay warm just in case!  Very happy to have some good family time in our beautiful winter wonderland.
Yeah for SNOW

The snowflakes were huge.  So pretty to watch coming down.

So thankful my parents live next door to us.  They came over to watch the girls play in the snow.

The snow princesses built a lovely snowwomanprincess.

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