Family Picture

Family Picture

Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Girl Bicycle

Amy proudly having her picture taken with her new bike

Two happy girls ready to go
Amy wants a basket like Anna...... as every girl needs one.  No telling when you might happen upon something to collect or keep for later when you are riding your fantastic bicycle. Can also put a water bottle in there and maybe a snack or two.  We are looking for her a basket,  but for now, she is so very happy to have moved up in the world....... qualifying herself as an official big girl with a big girl bicycle.  Can't you just see the pride spilling over!  I know we are proud for her! Anna is happy that she and her sister can ride bikes together now. Amy is being very careful as she is new at this. What a joy to give our children every good thing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Northern China girl Loves Her Southern Biscuits

There is a small "hole in the wall" breakfast place not far from our home called Sugar Pike Junction.  You can call in your biscuit order and they will be ready for you to pick up by the time you get there. They are so good.  Soft, buttery, cat head sized biscuits.  Every once in a while we just have to order some.  Amy loves them, so we have been eating more biscuits these days than we probably should. She has it down to a science and she eats every bite.

First she gets it open and ready to eat.

She then eats the top off, first.

Next she eats all the egg off with a fork.

Sets the fork aside to eat the bacon.

She eats the bottom half of the biscuit, last.

All done, she folds up her tin foil to throw away. 

Tent Camping Inside

This is the kind of camping us girls like.  Nice and temperature controlled, no insects, indoor plumbing if needed, and no chance of critters bothering us.  Has been a great place to play with toys and read some books.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sisters in the Making Part II

There is a bond growing here.  Through the great days and the tough days, sisters are becoming.....sisters.  Isn't that the stuff of true, respect,balancing our differences and  getting along, arguing and disagreeing, happiness and sadness, giggles and tears......shared as the days go by.  That would be us.....Anna and Amy.  It is a beautiful thing to see and hear genuine concern for one another and true friendship budding forth.

Anna:  Mom, you need to have Amy sleep in pajama pants instead of a gown.  She kicks her covers off so I have to get up throughout the night and cover her back up.  I am afraid she may get cold.

Amy:  at a party Amy got a balloon but then went out of her way to get one for Anna.  She was determined and held on tight until she found Anna to give it to her.

Anna:  at a gathering of friends, the children were picking teams.  Anna told the team captain to please pick Amy for their team so she could help her and so her feelings would not be hurt if she didn't understand.

Amy:  While Anna was at horse camp down the street,  we had some dark clouds gather as a storm was approaching.  Amy started getting Will and I saying..... hurry, hurry!  We have to get Anna.  Thunder coming!  Anna scared.  Anna cry!  Hurry! We went to get Anna.

Anna has taught Amy so many things and is so patient with her as there are so many new things to learn. How to ride a scooter, how to play "horses" and kicking the soccer ball to name a few.

Amy had to get more immunizations recently.  She was able to pick a prize at the doctor's office then she made sure she got a prize for Anna also.  Meanwhile, Anna was in the waiting room worried sick about Amy having to get shots.

I saw this quote on a blog and wanted to include it in this post:

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of.  You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.  
                                                                                     ~Amy Li

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July at the Beach

We spent the month of July at the beach.  We made so many memories and continue to bond with Amy.  She amazes us as she is learning English very quickly and is settling in as a member of our family. Amy loved us all sharing a bedroom together as she and Anna had pallets on the floor.  Cozy. So many good times. Strong bonding times.  Internet service was not good at all so I am doing one post to cover our trip now that we are home. Was not such a bad thing to be disconnected from the world.  No distractions. Quality time. Perfect summer vacation.  Amy's first trip to the beach.  I do believe she will remember. We will all remember.

Amy's first time to see the ocean.  It took her breath away!
July 4th  Record rains kept us inside most of the day.

Spent time with cousins

Amy went from being afraid of the water to turning flips........
 in two weeks time. 

Rainy day craft.....Making necklaces and bracelets

Ribbon Dancing

Amy in a dress that Anna wore we she was about the same age.

Went to the zoo......Nannie came too

Back to the Zoo again as first trip got rained out

Miss Priss

Dad brought doughnuts!  Amy's crazy about them.

Spray shirts and purses

The morning we left, Amy asked if we could stay 3 more days.