Family Picture

Family Picture

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thankful this Thanksgiving

Nannie and PaPa with all the grandchildren
Thank you Nannie and PaPa for another wonderful Thanksgiving......we appreciate all you do for our family! You always work so hard to make the holidays special.....and they are. The meal was delicious. We are thankful for you. We love and are thankful for our big, crazy, family! Amy had a special first Thanksgiving. She woke up early and immediately got dressed and ready to go.....not understanding we had to wait until 2:00 in the afternoon!  She loves getting together with family.
  Amy said the mealtime prayer:
"Dear Jesus, Thank you for our family and friends.  Thank you for my bigga family. (She still has the unexplainable, Italian accent which we love!)  Thank you for our food and Thanksgiving.  Please bring Logan here safely.  (Her best playmate cousin was running a little late).  Thank you for our feast, in Jesus name.....Amen."

For Amy, food is not yet the big event.  She would be very content with her package of Raman noodles. She was very curious about the turkey.  She saw the platter with the cooked bird and wanted to know where he came from and what happened to him.  At mealtime, she did taste a bite but quickly decided she would pass on the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables.  She chose instead to  eat lots of yeast rolls and some fruit. What she was thankful for most... was this:

The place card with her name on it.  She said, "Look!  A....M....Y.....that's me!"
Thankful for a designated place....just for her.  Then she wanted to know where everyone else would be seated so we went around the table and I read the names out.  She went back to her place and smiled with this is"my"seat.  Letting it sink in, there is indeed a place for her among the many people who love her and whom she loves. She will not be left out, she will not be forgotten,... she is important.
She asked Nannie if she could keep her name card. As in tradition, Amy received her first Christmas ornament and it is her favorite princess, Cinderella.  She put her name card in the ornament bag for safe keeping, then checked on it several times that evening.  After Thanksgiving,  Amy brought it home and placed it on our table where she sits.  Assurance.  Everyone wants to know they have a place in this world.
Amy, we are thankful you have joined our family forever.  We pray you understand your place at our table and in our family...... is safe and secure.

Thankful for each of you, Will, Anna, Amy and Wesley and for the bond we have as a family
Thankful for the sister bond that grows stronger each day

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amy's noodles and immunizations

Amy has to have her favorite Ramon noodles often.  She also has decided she likes grapes.  Her all time favorite dessert at this time is an ice cream sundae with whipped cream.
Because Amy's China shot records and immunizations were sporadic, our pediatrician thought it would be best to just start all of her immunizations over.....this equals a lot of shots for one little girl.
We just had the last sequence that will put her current and she will not have to get any more shots until April.  We had to celebrate with ice cream sundaes.  Amy, you have been one brave, and tough cookie, as on more than one occasion, you had to get three shots at a time.  Amy would tell the nurse, "now I may need to cry just a little bit....I do not like shots!"  Amy cried very little and counted just like the nurse told her to do.  So glad to have this behind us!  Also had good news that Amy has gained four pounds and grown a little over 1/2 inch taller!

All the nurses and doctors love Amy and always come in to speak to her and check her progress.  They are amazed at her English and adjustment.
Anna so happy Amy doesn't have to get more shots any time soon!

Amy's favorite ice cream sundae

Anna's Project and Pie

Anna did a fantastic presentation for her science class.  The Bengal Tiger was her topic and she really knew her facts.  The teacher was impressed she was the only one in her class that did not use any notes.  She even tape recorded a Bengal tiger roar for the class to hear.  Good job Anna, you would make a fine teacher one day if that is what you decide to do!  Anna has also been busy in the kitchen learning how to cook some things.  Her first cherry pie was delicious.  Served warm with vanilla ice cream, we can't wait for her to repeat it!

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Hiking in North Georgia

Amy has boundless energy so this was right up her alley. She didn't need to stop and rest... but we did.  The scenery was beautiful, the weather perfect and Amy was in awe of everything she saw.  We love watching her take in the beauty ......seeing so many things for the very first time.  So glad she is here with us and learning all about God's creation and goodness. We had a lunch picnic by a creek where Anna and Amy had lots of fun exploring and watching tossed sticks and leaves,  go down the stream.
Made this trip back in October but just now getting pictures off Scott's phone!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Amy's First Birthday Party

In China, she never had a Birthday recognized, no balloons, no cake and certainly no gifts.
Now everything has changed. November 3rd, Amy turned seven years old and we celebrated her birthday. Amy now has a family who relished in celebrating her on this very special day.  We enjoyed looking for just the right gifts.We took great delight in making a yummy French Vanilla cake with Vanilla buttercream icing and sprinkles.  We got as excited as she did when she first saw all the decorations, balloons and gifts waiting just for her.  We had her choice of Pizza for lunch and chocolate ice cream to go with the vanilla birthday cake.
She was so very happy and enjoyed every single minute of her day. The night before she told us,
"Tomorrow if you call for the birthday girl......I will come!" So for the whole day we called her, "Birthday Girl", and she did indeed answer or come when we called.......expressing a happy and proud smile on her face each and every time.
Amy even insisted on saying our prayer over lunch. She prayed:
"Dear Jesus, Thank you for my family and friends.  Thank you for God's good food....and for  pizza, and my cake.  Thank you for my birthday and for keeping us  Thank you for all of my birthday.  In Jesus' name, Amen."

Amy got to add the candy decorations to her first birthday cake

These are all for me??!!!

Ready for the Happy Birthday song

She LOVES Basket for her Bike.  The flowers light up!  Little MeiMei gets to ride too!
Amy opened her presents after lunch.  She got an 18 inch doll with some pretty outfits for the doll.  A princess cupcake game.  New princess Pajamas, a nightgown with matching one for her doll, warm hat and scarf, bike basket, video, clip on ear rings from Nannie and Papa, more dolly clothes,hair accessories for dolly, pillow pet,  a hiphop bounce on toy, bop toy and several craft type gifts.  So many nice things she will enjoy.

Happy Birthday to you our daughter, Amy Joy Chun Henderson! We love you and celebrate you!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


We had a great month.  Amy is enjoying preschool and Anna is loving her Science and Art classes at Timothy Homeschool Program. The weather has been fantastic and the girls are enjoying afternoons being back outside riding bikes and scooters.

 Construction Paper Kites We Made and Flew One Windy Day

Local Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Carving

Amy Finding the Seeds for me to roast

Snow Princesses Ready to Trick or Treat

Snow Princess was Anna's idea. She dreamed it up last year.  We had fun picking fabric and ribbon then making the capes to go with sparkly dresses we already had.  New Shoes to match. 

Amy Making Sure Her Glow Necklace and Bracelet Can Be Seen. So Happy to be like Anna with a Sparkly Dress and Cape, plus the same shoes! 

Nannie and Papa's House is Always First

Gave Amy a chance to practice as this was her very first Halloween