Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Momma, Can I Have Another One?

So my girls love Pot-stickers.  Chinese version of dumplings.  One night after making a large plate full of them, I went to put them on the table.  It was just me and both girls having dinner that night so this was our simple dinner.  In addition, I had a salad for myself and plates of fruit for them.  They love to have the platter in the middle so they can help themselves.  I usually get them started by putting a few on each plate.  I serve a few for myself  then tell them they can have the rest.  They love to eat their fill.  Even though I tell them I can save the leftovers they want to try to eat them all and they usually do.
 One night in particular, I had started to serve the plates, but only put one on Amy's plate and no one elses' when my phone rang, interrupting my process. I never went back and served any more potstickers after the call, figuring everyone could just help themselves. However that one potsticker on Amy's plate took her back to her past and I didn't even realize it at first.  I called everyone to dinner, we prayed and began to eat.  I noticed Anna helping herself,  then I took a few for myself.  I looked at Amy who had already eaten her one potsticker up in record time, but just sat there waiting.  Then it wasn't just what she said, but how she said it, that reminded me of the wounds she still carries of her past.   
She said, in a sad and submissive voice, "Momma, may I have another one?"
We are sitting there with a massive plate of potstickers in front of us, and I'm thinking that by now, almost 2 years home, she would know that she too can help herself. 
 But there is still that place in her that is not sure.  She might not get her fill, she might have done something wrong, she might only get one.
And this is what really makes my heart so tender towards this sweet girl.  Because she has done without, because she has not always been able to eat her fill, even though the plate sat full in front of all of us........if I would have said, No....she would not have complained.
But of course I did not say no, I loaded up her plate  and told her to help herself when she wanted more.  And I wish I had gotten a photo of the happy, giddy,  potsticker eating, little girl that did indeed eat her fill. So much so, she showed me her "full belly" afterwards and turned down her ice cream dessert because she was so full.  Well, she delayed her ice cream until much later!  And nothing makes this momma more happy than my girls being able to eat their fill and knowing they will never, and I mean hungry.....again!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sewing classes

We had the fun of hosting sewing classes for a group of girls this winter.  They brought their sewing machines (or their moms' machines) and set up shop down in our basement.  Sounded like a little factory down there!  We had a great teacher who is very gifted with loads of patience and talented sewing skills.  The girls had a great time so we are planning for more classes this spring.

Sewing carefully they made aprons first

Amy got to sew a Christmas ornament with the teacher

Nice group of girls

Modeling the pajama pants they made

They made skirts also

Anna picked out her fabric, and chose a longer skirt length. Her finished skirt makes a nice outfit!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Off to a Great 2015

We started the year reviewing what we had learned before our Christmas break.
A woman of noble character who can find?
She is worth far more than rubies.
Proverbs 31:10
Both girls love jewelry.  We recently went to Tellus museum and panned for precious gems as Anna has been learning all about rocks and minerals in science. Amy is wearing a necklace/ small container that holds all the gems we found.  We also looked up the different gems and stones to learn more about them.  Amy loves rubies as her favorite color is red.  When learning this Bible verse, she kept asking me, "I am worth more than rubies?"  And her eyes would be wide when I answered her with "absolutely"! " You are worth FAR MORE than rubies." Amy's face would just shine with approval as it sinks in how precious and "valuable" she is.   Anna 's favorite stones are purple amethyst. So important for my sweet girls to never doubt their worth as we love them so, and for them to understand they are beautiful, priceless, daughters to Scott and I ,  but also precious daughters to the King of Kings.

Precious gems for two precious daughters

We have enjoyed this book as it's beautiful illustrations help us remember the virtues found in Proverbs 31.
What a joy to spend these days with my precious daughters and study God's word together.

Posted in our classroom
What a blessing to be a part of instilling these virtues in my sweet girls and reminding them daily, how much they are loved and cherished.

Our January is off to a good start.  Anna, when she was little,  and now Amy,  has learned the months of the year using our school throw blanket and singing our "months of the year" song.

Our schoolroom calendar, because both girls love horses