Family Picture

Family Picture

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

We had a fun filled night at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church fall festival and trick or treating.
Anna the Snow Princess in Pink

Amy is Princess Belle

                                                   Games and treats at publix
Games and treats at publix

Face painting at the church festival

Snowflake for the snow princess

Anna won these at the cake walk.  Amy won some too but we gave them to some new friends we met this evening.
Their girls had not won any so Anna and Amy wanted to share with them as we had plenty!
Love these kind and gracious girls of mine.

Wesley ready for a Halloween Party
Trick or Treating with my beautiful princesses

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October pictures part 3

Anna's landscape painting from art class.  She is quite the artist!

Mucking the pumpkin

Carefully carving

Anna did most of the cleaning and carving

Amy helped a little too but she was not crazy about the muck!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Random October pictures part II

Amy's first Icee.  She loved it.We went to get a few things from Target after our Timothy ministries day.  

Amy loves my high heels.  She asks me:  "Why don't you wear these every day mommy?"

Crafts at our local library

Anna coloring and gluing an ice cream cone craft

I read this to the girls. It was almost 400 pages. Amy's first "big book" and she loved it.  Even though she is often on the move, wiggling around, hanging upside down or tapping/fiddling with something....... when we read.......... she is listening and can tell you about the story.

Anna's science project/presentation

Amy is proud of her North America map from her Geography class

Our homeschool band.  The girls think they want to play the flute.  For now they are both taking piano lessons.
We learned all about cotton in history

We picked the prettiest, biggest, roundest pumpkin from the bottom of the pile!  Team work!

Our daily school discipline chart.  Various infractions such as unkindness,  not obeying, or not working when you are supposed to be,  then you have to move your clip down a color.  If you end up on red, STOP.  You pretty much lose all privileges for the day.  No TV, computer  etc.  We are glad no one has ended up on red so far!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Random October Pictures

Anna's solar smore oven.  First put in the gram crackers and marshmallows.  Bake in the sun.The reflection from the foil, toasts the marshmallows.  Last add the chocolate.

Amy wanted me to take a picture of her and her Wendy's kids meal prize.  She loves prizes of any kind.

The left overs from our Saturday morning breakfast... fresh milled whole wheat, vanilla whey protein, apple cinnamon, buttermilk, pancakes.  They freeze really well and Amy loves to eat one of these for breakfast almost every day.

Made a stop at $5 and below store for some new play balls to use outside while the weather is nice. 

Raided my attic to find some of my old dresses from days gone by! Bridesmaids and prom dresses.  Is special that Anna can wear one now!   Anna is going to wear the pink one on the left for Halloween as she is dressing up as a snow princess.  She will use the silver cape I made her last year.  Amy is going to be Belle and will wear one of Anna's old costumes plus the silver cape I made her also.  We all had fun trying on dresses and costumes.  

I also found these two old friends of mine in the attic.   

Last weeks Bible verse

Got us some rocking chairs for the front porch.  After all that raiding the attic, and thinking about the good ole days, and feeling how fast time goes by........these are just what we are gonna need.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Amy Sings

She sings about everything.  Sometimes it feels like we are living in an opera as she sings her sentences or  her made up songs throughout our day.  The overflowing of her happy heart.   And does she ever feel the beat whenever there is upbeat music playing.  She bounces, shakes, or shimmies to the rhythm.
I remember back to our time with Amy in China.  On one particularly difficult day, Amy started singing in the bathroom, a little Chinese song. Made us both smile as I was helping her at the time. It was truly music to my ears.  I remember thinking:  if this broken hearted child can sing under these traumatic circumstances,  she is going to eventually be alright.   Things will one day be well with her.
 It was a gift....... as I believe the Lord knew we all needed a little encouragement.
I began to sing to her while in China especially when things were upsetting to her.  It worked in getting her to brush her teeth and wash her hands, or take a bath ( things she was not accustomed to doing)  as we tried to make it fun.
We had taken her a little music ipod filled with children's songs to China with us. When at our hotel,  she would sometimes put the ear phones on, go into the closet, shut the bifold doors and stay there for a few minutes at a time. Come out and check on us then go back in.   It may have been her "refuge" as she tried to cope with everything that was happening to her as best as she could.

 I remember twinkle twinkle little star was one of her first songs she learned in English.
It would often be in her version of Chinglish.  English and part Chinese combined.
Then when we got home she sang:  "Bah Bah Black sheep, Hammy Hammy wool."
                                                        " Old McDonny haddy farm.  E.I.E.I.O!"
                                                          "Jesa lova me a dis I know"
                                                           " Little bunny fooa foo hoppa trough a forra"
I wish I could have this all on video.  The only one I have is her version of twinkle little star that I posted in the past.  I miss her Chinglish as she is speaking all English now and she has pretty much lost her accents. She is such a smart girl as she continues to learn so many new words every day.
I have a cd with Bible verses put to music and she loves it. We do a verse per week and play/sing the song several times a day.   Planting God's word in her heart. It has been good for Anna too as it has refreshed her memory of these from when we did them years ago.  We are also listening to a children's cd with simple choruses and hymns.
I sing with her throughout our day and she loves it.

One of her favorites that she often sings now........ warms my soul every single time I hear her sing it:
"Everything's alright in my Father's house,
In my Father's house,
In my Father's house.
Everything's alright, in my Father's house,
where theres JOY, JOY, JOY!"

And let me tell you.  She sings it from a deep place.... as she endured but still remembers,  a place where.......... things were not alright.
But now they are. 
 And we are thankful every single day to have our singing, happy, thankful girl here with us where we can keep her safe, meet her needs physically, spiritually and emotionally while we love her unconditionally and pray for her to know ...way down deep.... that yes indeed this family is forever, and things will be alright for her......from now on.

Psalm 5:11
But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.