Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More about Amy

Amy's orphanage was in the heart of Shijiazhuang City.  Not a pretty place. Dusty and dirty.  Our guide who has travelled all over China mentioned it was one of his least favorite places.  He also told us her orphanage was not very good.  I am thankful she was in foster care for the last 2/3 years.  They could not tell us exactly as bad record keeping.  She was fostered in the rural outskirts of the city.  He noted the area to be very poor.  Water scarce.  People maybe bathe every other week or every 2 weeks.   In this area, wheat is grown,  thus Amy is a bread girl verses a rice girl.  She will eat rice but when asked what her favorite meal is she answered " steamed bun and hot soup".  Our breakfast buffets usually had steamed buns (same texture as half baked bread in my opinion) so she had one most every morning while we were there. One with white sugar that is......the way her foster grandma served it. Now that we are home we have all kinds of bread for her.  She likes to dip it in soup, sauce or whatever.

Amy's condition when we got her.  She was dirty. Had quite a few bruises. She has scars all over and my guess is that she had a terrible case of chickenpox at some time in her past. She continues to lighten up in skin color as we bathe her every day. So many layers of old skin and dirt.  Her hands looked like she had played in the dirt before we got her.  We can tell bathing was not a pleasant experience and/or not common place. Her clothes were not clean. No undergarments at all.  Her hair was done in many rubber bands over her head.  Very tight and almost knotted.  During lunch at our fancy hotel, and among a room full of elite Chinese business men.....Amy wanted to get the braids out of her hair.  At that moment, no stopping her.  She was pulling her hair out trying to get them out.  Anna and I helped her and even Anna commented that whoever did her hair was not kind and did a terrible job.  Amy rubbed and rubbed her head when all was done. Sore scalp. We walked out of the dining room with Amy's hair standing straight out. Yes, many onlookers in the China fashion.  Had to wash and wet it in our hotel room to get out the tangles. I make sure I am soft and loving when I comb her hair.  She seems to notice and appreciate it. "Xie Xie MaMa," (thank you) she says. And now she likes to have her hair done (other than washing) in different ways.  Well, whatever way big sister ( Jie Jie's ) hair is fixed.

Amy is bone thin.  She sometimes ouch's when we pick her up as it seems to hurt, she rubs either her ribs or under her arms depending upon how we picked her up. So very thin.  We are hoping to remedy that one. Now when she is not into something and on the move......she is eating and snacking.  Trying to add some meat to her little bones! We have a rule though and she is obeying.  She sits in HER chair at the table to eat. She goes right to it when any food comes out which is often .......likes HER chair.  One of us will sit with her to enforce as she forgets and has hard time sitting still plus we have some extra time with her. Also to make sure she doesn't stand in her chair to try to reach the light fixture over our table.  Something she seems to be curious about. Our guide told us it was a rough time for her after being in orphanage for a couple years then to being a little spoiled by foster grandmother who seemed to cater to her likes and dislikes.......  back to orphanage where you get your meals at a certain time and if you don't eat the food, you have to wait until next meal.  No snacks and too bad if you do not like the food....just be hungry then.  Her basic needs were met and that is all. Not to judge the orphanage workers he said, they just do their jobs. Usually have more responsibilities than they have time many children......not enough workers.  Not enough supplies or extra food, lack of funds.

Amy likes to please.  She thrives on affirmation and praise.  Smiles with her whole face.....makes her eyes close she smiles so big.  Is polite.  Always says thank you......always.  Even for simple helps we give her. Is generous with hugs and kisses.  I stop all throughout my day to give her hugs, cuddles and kisses.  She doesn't stay still for long so I let her go when she is ready.  We are working on holding her for longer periods of time.....little by little.  I think she is afraid of being still too long.....might just get tired or think too much about all she has been through.  I think this because whenever the tears have come.....they are in the still and quiet moments.  Amy's tears come so softly.......we have to check her face when she starts rubbing her eyes.......she tries to stop them......but sometimes......they come anyways and I hold her.  I rock her.  And tell her "wo ai ni"  I love you.  Healing, bonding and attachment is a process.

Amy can fight like a wild cat if you mess with her in a way she doesn't like.  Washing her hair....look out....we all get wet.  Dreading her complete physical on Monday. In China during medical exam,  I got whacked in the back with a tambourine that is used to check hearing on the babies.  Amy was holding it when I had to hold her down for over body check. This was after a very unpleasant TB test so I do not blame her at all.  She was scared.  She is a fighter if she needs to be. Not afraid to stand up for herself! Oh, and not afraid to speak her mind!!!!!

Amy is a mile a minute.  Continues to explore, play, go from one thing to another.  Absolutely loves to go outside. Can not get her socks and shoes on fast enough.  Runs out with reckless abandonment! Rides her trike and rambles around the yard.  We are spending lots of time outside as the weather has been perfect.  Got out early on our one rain evening so got our time in.  The playground is her happy place.  She sings as she swings.  Or giggles with delight.  Still talking up a storm.  Learning a few English words here and there.

Proverbs 20:22
Wait for the Lord, and He will make things right.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Amy, Wesley and Will

Amy is progressing every day.  So much to swipe, poke and shake......oh I mean..... discover and learn. One thing that was immediate upon our arrival home.....her fondness for her two big brothers (Ge Ge)! They make her laugh.......she makes them laugh. Quick to give hugs and smiles. She has also been through some of their stuff!  Have had to put some things away.  That is ok.  Eventually she will understand boundaries.  Until then, they are locking doors and some things got moved up really high or into rubbermaid bins. Gave Anna a nice bin also.  Jie, Jie (big sister) is not required to share every one of her things. Had to hide a few things myself.   Amy is the queen of rummaging!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Feels so very good to be home.  And we owe you praying folks out there a gigantic thank you because we pretty much got our miracle.  Little Miss "I would rather take the train" was so very good and slept a lot on the flight.  When she was awake, she was too groggy to get into too much trouble.  Thank you Lord for planning an all nighter (China Time)  for worked out well.  The last leg of flight from China to LA  I took Amy back to go up and down the stairs as we were on China Southern Air bus.  There were two other adoptive moms in back of plane with children so we were able to chat a little. One family from Douglasville GA and the other from CA. Little GA girl air sick so I was able to give  the same children's chewable dramamine that I took myself and it helped her for remainder of the flight and also on the next flight.  They came to Atlanta from LA with us so I was so glad to be able to share my meds!  Our three hour layover in LA was eaten up by our late arrival from China and trying to get through customs, immigration, security, bag checks, etc.  then made it in time to get in line for boarding.
Again Amy was good and did her best to keep up. She was better that she has ever been as far as staying with us.  Anna great help pushing one cart in spite of being tired.  The whole deal left the two ready to sleep another stretch to Atlanta!  Perfect.  No fanfare at the airport per our request as Anna did get sick with stomach issues middday of our departure day. We were sweating it out but she rebounded in time for our departure. Anna and I  were advised by our guide to take tylenol hour before Guangzhou airport as everyone goes through walk through- scanner to be scanned for fever.  Did that and all went well.  Amy got sick on way home from airport but we are thinking she may have had a bout with motion sickness also.  Turbulent flight from LA and then riding in a van on the trip home.  She recovered quickly and was ready to explore her new home!  Has opened every cabinet and drawer already.  Says "whoa" about everything!  Has been happy.  Showers her big brothers with hugs and kisses.  (Praying she did not have virus and spare the boys!). Adores them.  Talks non stop.  Busy as a bee.  The beauty of our yard in bloom took my breath away when we arrived home.  We are so very blessed here in our country.......we truly are.  We left enormous cities of concrete with air filled with pollution and  now get to enjoy lush green grass and trees, fresh air!  I will not be taking these for granted this spring.  And as we continue to enjoy the beauty of spring outside,  we are also getting to enjoy a little girl......... blooming before our eyes.  Was able to take her outside for a little bit today.  Happy girl. Runs with great joy across our yard to playground.  Will continue to share about so many things, in the days to come. Bare with us as the jet lag is hanging on strong.
My precious friends Laurie and Joy made a long trip up to our home to decorate for our homecoming. What a great feeling as we walked in the door and saw all the decorations everywhere! Gifts, so many rooms decorated with Chinese lanterns, streamers and balloons, flowers on my porch, welcome home flag in my yard and a meal in the freezer. Very special. Thank you! Love you friends.
Amy is wearing the necklace her PaPa gave her and holding the doll her Nannie gave her.  Now listen to how good God is.  When Amy saw Nannie, Wesley and Will.......she smiled as if she knew them already.  Pointed to each of them.  When my mom handed Amy her gift she hugged her and said, "xie xie" (thank you) Nana and smiled so big.  Liked Wesley and Will instantly. It was the right thing to just be a family.  Happy Homecoming for sure. We are blessed. Will look forward to getting together with the rest of our family and friends at some time in the future.

Luke 18:7
God will always give what is right to his people who cry to him night and day,  and he will not be slow to answer them.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coming home

It is the middle of the night,or 2:00 in morning for us.  I have been ill with whatever scott had. Started cipro. Thinking and hoping the worst of it is over.  I have been cautious since scott fell victim……eating conservatively and in moderation.  Just sensing my sick number might be called.  And it was.  I felt it coming on this evening and set to work with Scott packing and getting everyone ready for bed.  I didn't say much.  We got the girls to bed, I used clorox wipe on the bathroom and toilet (knew I would be spending time in there and have my face near the toilet so I wanted it sanitary)  I am weird that way.  Went in and shut the door  and prayed something like this. Dear Lord, I feel crummy.  If this is your will for me, you know we have to get out of our room by 2:00 tomorrow and we have a plane to catch.  Could we get this done and over with? And it hit.  Then for the next , gosh I don't know how many hours as I am foggy, God met me, as I sat on the bathroom floor and in my sickness. and In spite of a splitting head ache His words came to me. The most comforting…..He is my refuge and strength. a very present help in time of trouble.  It was the most time He and I have had together since we got here.  And in spite of the misery of my stomach…….he helped me keep my eyes on Him and set my heart aright.  A lesson I have learned over and over on this trip.  His grace is sufficient.  Not for the week or the day, but for the moment I am experiencing.  Good stuff for someone like me who likes to plan and have things go just so. Someone who does not like adventure, and in fact spends plenty of time trying to avoid adventures or anything that is not on the agenda. Thus you must see that this whole adoption journey was a call from Him.  I could never….and I mean never…..step out to do this on my own. This is difficult…..but we know it is right.  Indeed His grace is sufficient.
2 corinthians 12:9/10
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power  may rest on me.  That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.  for when I am weak, then I am strong.

I do need your prayers.  I feel as though I have a fever.  Really need for Anna and Amy to avoid this.  Would you pray with us?!  We so want to come home and need for them to be spared.  Also.  Let me share a conversation we had our guide have with Amy:

Guide:  You will be leaving to go home tomorrow! You will take two airplane rides to get there.
Amy:  That is not good, for I prefer the train.
Guide:  Yes, but you have to take the planes because the train does not go there.
Amy:  That is not good…..not good at all!
Kristi:  My sentiments exactly.
Soooooo…..what is worse than 14 hours plus another 5 hours on a plane?!  Riding on that plane with a high energy,Chinese speaking 6 1/2 year old who prefers the train and loathes flying as much as I do?!  Would you please pray for this also!!!!!!! Even though I am prepared with any and everything that one can do with a kiddo on a plane…...I'm thinking we need a miracle! A 14 hour sleep would be nice.

Please know I plan to blog when we get home.  Because of our strenuous schedule and lack of internet, there is much I would like to share but was unable.  Just give me time for coherent thoughts to return once we are home!

Also, about Amy's hand.  She is very capable. Can do most of what she wants.  Gets herself dressed, zips her jacket and even can put her own hair into a ponytail.  We actually call her octopus arms because she can grab and do things so fast.  She can sneak up behind you and poke computer in the blink of an eye!  I double dog dare  you to try to take her ice cream!

I should try to get some sleep.  But let me share another verse that has been important to us.  We believe it with all our hearts.  Isaiah 45:3
I will give you treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord , the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

Wesley and Will, batten down the hatches!  There is a storm blowing in from the far east and we call her Amy!  You will love her.  She will crack you up even if you do not understand a word she is saying!  If you think Anna is full of sas……you haven't seen sas yet! She will also get into your stuff! Don't leave your electronics about.   Be forewarned and do me a favor.  Put up my good stuff!  Out of reach.  If in doubt, move it!  

Mom and Dad, this girl needs her Nanny and PaPa more than you can know.  Our guides are all so pleased you live just next door.  God knew that and hand picked her for us.
He will heal her broken heart, and what a blessing to have you in her life.

Friends and family, 
Thank you for your prayers and support……words can not express our gratitude. We love you! Amy will be so blessed by you all.
Scott, Kristi, Anna and Amy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Touring China today

Had Amy's medical exam yesterday, then for me an afternoon of paper work with our group and guide.  All is in order.  Amy checked out well.  No positive TB which is always good!  Showed one of the doctors her bandaid from falling on the playground the day before. Wanted him to check it out.!
Touring of Buddhist Temple, Old Chen House and Provincial Arts and Crafts center today.
We are finding Amy does not do as well when we are out and about. Today cried off and on for her Grandma a lot of the time we were touring. Also we now are with the rest of the group of 13 families. There were a lot of crying toddlers/babies on the bus which seems to make her very uneasy. Both yesterday and today, she clapped when we arrived back at hotel. Got really excited as again she associates our room as our home. Calms down in our hotel room. She is bonding nicely with the 3 of us. We had group pictures late afternoon and then nice evening walking in the park and dinner with our friends the Palmers.  It was drizzling but nice to be out and about.  Amy enjoys being out with this family as she is comfortable with them. Likes being with all the girls.  She and their newly adopted son give each other a little sassing but we are not completely sure what they are saying to each other!
We have an early visa appointment in morning so keeping this short.
Scott is recovering from major bout with stomach issues. Is taking cipro and doing much better. Please pray for our health and protection over these last few days.
There is so much to share. With my partner down and out , I have not been able to share as I would have liked. But just know, God has been so faithful to us. We see His hand in so many details.
God is not far from each one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:27-28

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amy's Video

Has been quite the deal to wash and dry hair.  Amy was afraid of both but we can do both now.  Have to show her on Anna and myself first.  She ran yesterday to get sunglasses to keep her eyes out of the hair dryer wind.  She is very clever!  Improving every day.  In this video she is talking about drying her hair thus the shzzzz sound she is making.  Also talking about her hair and my hair.  Well, to the best of my interpretation!

Two days ago:
Conversation with Grace our guide and Amy:
Grace:  Is your name Amy?
Amy: Yes it is.....and it is a beautiful name.
Grace:  Oh it is a beautiful name!
Amy:  I am a beautiful girl, with beautiful long hair.
Grace:  Yes your are!
Amy:  I am looking for my Grandma.........

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

More pics with friends

We have moved over to China Hotel today and finally have good internet and have settled in. We were in China hotel apartment last night and we are thankful they had an opening for us today to move over to hotel.  Much nicer. So much better here. Unfortunately every time we move, it sets Amy in a bit of tizzy. She seems to think every place is our home and just when she checks it all out….we have had to move to next spot! This is last stop till heading home… grateful. We are still in awe of our  meeting our dear friends among the gazillion people here. Has been just what this family needed! World wide trade fair going on here this week, makes a crowded China……well, even more crowded! To see friends from home a miracle indeed. Wanted to add these pics as we are finally able to download well.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello from Guangzhou!  Had a very good flight from Beijing.  Felt like a new plane, all got to sit together in the middle four seats.  We could hem Amy in!   She watched the preflight video however and learned how to unbuckle her seatbelt.  We had to get Chinese flight attendant to explain to her the rules of staying in seat with seatbelt on!  Heaven help us on the flight home!  Went to Mcdonalds when we got here as we have had enough noodles and rice to last us awhile. Our dear friends the Palmers were there with their newly adopted little 4 year old boy Asa.  So good to be with friends.  Anna perked up considerably.  We all went to nearby park for the afternoon/evening and the kids played. Hoping they are as worn out as us adults!  Amy had a couple of quiet crying bouts yesterday. Sat in a chair and the tears quietly came, she tried to rub them away but just could not hold them in anymore.. She is so verbal and wants to tell us and ask us so much, but we just do not understand her. We also have to correct her sometimes which is hard for her and for us but we must keep her safe.  We held her and comforted her.  She responds so well to hugs and cuddling. We were without a guide for the day so no one to translate.  Has to be so hard for her.  Please pray for us as we navigate the language be able meet her needs and for her to feel safe and loved, to guide her, comfort her, as well as keep her within boundaries that a child should have with parents and strangers. Will send out photos tomorrow!
Did I mention Amy likes to skip, sway, twirl, whirl, run, climb, hop, unpack her backpack to make sure  the things we have given her are still there, turn on water, lock and unlock doors, open and shut doors and generally rummage through anything that belongs to anyone! She is a blessing! My thoughts
and prayers can not help but go to her foster grandma....she loved and spoiled our Amy Niu Niu.  How she must miss this little girl as much as Amy misses her.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last day in Beijing

We are packed and ready for an early morning flight to Guangzhou. Anna's throat is better. Please pray for Amy as she has some congestion, and coughed some during the night. We have been in the wind for a couple of days and in this province it really blows the dust and dirt. Causes some respiratory issues when out in it. We are thankful the pollution has not been as bad. We will be glad for the fresher air in Southern China.
Let me try to catch up on the last couple of days. We have had some long ones! Between that and internet issues, we have had a hard time posting any thing lengthy.

Tuesday after spending the first part of the day at police station taking care of Amy's visa paperwork, we spent the whole afternoon at the train station waiting for train. It was really cold and we were not prepared for the long wait thinking we were leaving on an afternoon train.This is not a common province to adopt from so our guide was not as familiar with booking train tickets. The whole story is complicated but all the trains were sold out until the final one of the day which is the one we took, and it was super full. Quite an experience. There was a man in one our seats so our guide had to confront him. We had the ticket to prove it as seats are supposed to be guaranteed. The man stood up to haggle with our guide and while he stood up, Amy quickly climbed behind him to claim the window seat as she was excited about the train ride. Our guide whispered for Anna and myself to slip in as well. The man left his stuff acting as though he would be coming back to claim his seat. Amy proceeded to get into all his bags so he came back, grabbed his stuff and gave up the fight for the seat. In the meantime, Anna has put her hood on and is trying to disappear during this confrontation. Finally got everyone settled but Anna was feeling bad. Sore throat, freezing from the long wait , and feeling sick to her stomach from the smells on the very crowded train. I had a B. Bag still in my purse from my fun filled day of motion sickness so I stayed on guard the whole trip. Amy is a fidgeter. She likes to pull, push, open, close, touch, poke, wiggle and squirm. Curious George times 10. We got a lecture from the Chinese woman in front of us because Amy liked to set the table down and then back up again. At the train station restroom, squatty potty…..Amy unlocked/opened the door while it was my turn. Helloooo China. I take her separately now! Anna gags when we have to go in there so we have to go as fast as possible! Had to walk through train station after dark which was quite an experience. Needless to say we were glad to finally get back to our Hotel.

Yesterday we went to get Amy some shoes that fit and then to Jade Market, lunch and Great Wall. Was super windy and Anna not up to par so we went as far as she wanted. The heights of section we were on were scary to her so we stopped when she said. She is homesick and tired. It was good to not have to travel anywhere today.

About Amy.
She is doing well. She calls us mama, baba. She says thank you mama, or thank you baba, after everything we give her or do for her. She likes affirmation and likes to please. She talks all the time. We do not understand her but we all smile and try our best. She cracks people up everywhere we go. Chinese people who understand her that is. And our guide. He laughs at her a lot. Tells us she is funny in her take on things. She is not trying to be funny to get attention. Just makes funny observations.
She is into everything and constantly on the move!

She misses her grandma.

Things she has said as per our guide (all in Chinese):

I do not drink from a bottle, I drink from a cup. Liquor comes in a bottle.
(We put her water in a cup, needless to say)

After leaving the orphanage on gotcha day, she cried to go to her grandmas.

My grandma says, I might be a big sister some day.

She told our guide to tell the taxi driver to drive more carefully! He gets too close to the other cars. We all laughed. Mr. Taxi driver did not.

She always asks where we are going and if wherever we are is "our home".

She likes Scott, Anna and I.

When asked if she wanted to go to Beijing, she said yes. I have never been to Beijing. My Grandma has never been to Beijing.

Then the next day,when asked if she wanted to ride the train she said yes. I have never been on a train. My Grandma has never been on a train.

Our guide has said that even though she says these things with sadness, the fact that she is speaking of grandma without crying is progress.

At the Jade market yesterday the tour guide held up three bracelets to see if we could tell which one was made of jade.
Amy said, one is for mama, one is for big sister, and one is for niu niu (her nickname for herself.)

My grandma had a bracelet.

Some men tried to sell us some souvenir glass zodiac balls. She made the whole group laugh by telling them it would just fall on the floor and break!

At lunch she ordered herself some steamed buns without us knowing what was going on.They arrived with filling of some sort and she ate part of them. She made all our waitresses laugh. Told them thank you for the buns but that she preferred them plain.

Also had coke for the first time. Told the waitresses how much she liked the coke and that she had never had coke before. They gave her one to take home. She hugged it and said thank you, then got up and put it in Scott's back pack. Asked for it when we got home.

Amy has learned to wash her hands, brush her teeth and take a bath. Things it appears she did not know how to do.

We are so grateful for your prayers. Please pray for our flight tomorrow. Please continue to pray for Amy, Anna, Scott and myself.

God has been so faithful. Through the good and the difficult.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back in Beijing

After waiting at the station for many hours yesterday, finally catching the last train of the evening, we made it in last night.  Full day today shopping for shoes that fit Amy, then Great Wall this afternoon.  This was a change of plans as itinerary was for tomorrow.  We should have more time to post tomorrow and hoping internet good.  No internet in our room here so we have to go to lobby which can be too crowded at times.  Enjoy these pics.  Amy wear sunglasses a lot.  Gotta get her some that are not tinted as she can not see well with them inside as China dimly lights their buildings!
She also wanted to pull the suitcase when we left……she is tiny but strong!
Please continue to pray for her adjustment and also for Anna who has a sore throat.  No fever at this point. Our strength.  We have been on go since day one and are looking forward to a down day tomorrow. Amy is a bundle of energy!  

Monday, April 8, 2013

A few more pictures from yesterday

more amy pics

Girls asleep, internet working so wanted to add more info.  In the last post, Amy took Anna's glasses and tried them on.  For the rest of the day, she wanted anyone''s glasses and was not shy to ask for them.  Wants to be like Anna.  Wanted her hair down to be like Anna.  When we got home we dressed her like Anna and which she liked. Gave her sunglasses which she wears inside to be like Anna.  She has been so brave today.  Cried a little when they first brought her to us at the orphanage office.  She then commented we looked just like our photos in her book and even called anna big sister and knew the boys were her big brothers. She continues to look her album often.  We have learned the lady who fostered her was in her late 50's.  They were together for 2-3 years, then Amy returned to orphanage a month ago…. for this transition.  Amy has had times where the grief waves over her and then she recovers,picks up and interacts with us.  Even during our first few minutes together, Amy cried then gathered herself and passed out some gifts of potato chips and plastic necklace, trying to be brave, polite and smile.  She is a trooper.
 Anna was amazing with her, took her in and helped her in every way.  This picture is of Anna holding and consoling her as we had official paper work that had to be accomplished.  What a day. Amy stays on the move and wants to know about everything.  Chatters in Chinese so our guide has translated as much as he can.  She has a different dialect so some of it he has trouble understanding. We have another busy morning of paper work and possibly going to Amy's original abandonment location.  Bullet train back to Beijing in afternoon.  We will post more when able.



Amy is precious

Having trouble downloading pics.  These came through.  Will try again tomorrow.  So much to tell but we are exhausted after an all day process.  Anna and Amy need me at the moment.  Amy sweet, smart, and brave.  Can't wait to share all about her.  She looks up to Anna, wants to do what Anna does so that is so helpful!  Calls us Mama and Baba already and has been generous with hugs for all of us.  She recognized us from the photo album and told our guide we "look exactly like the pictures in her book"! 
Much more to come when I can.  Love to all! Please continue to pray!  She was in foster care with an older lady she called grandma.  Was taken to orphanage a month ago for this transition. Has had to be so hard for her.  Oh our hearts ache for her loss.  She has shed a few waves of tears and still longs and call for "her grandma".  She is doing so well considering all she has been through. 



Sunday, April 7, 2013

In Amy's city

The bullet train was a great experience. Fast, clean and smooth.  Thank you,Lord!  We arrived late this afternoon in time to go take care of some business for tomorrow.  Took a long time so we stayed in and ate peanut butter and jelly brought from home.  We head out early in morning to get Amy....we are so grateful for your prayers! Getting to bed so we will be ready.  Will post tomorrow as soon as we are able.  This province does not adopt out very often so they do things differently here.  Tomorrow will be all day affair, getting Amy early then appointments and paperwork all afternoon.  Will probably not get back to hotel until evening as guide said it is too far to come back in between. Thank you for praying!
What a day it will be!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

We are in Beijing

We are glad to be here! Flights were good.Just longer that anyone wants to be trapped in a plane. We were so thankful to have gotten the bulkhead row of 3 in the middle. Those few extra inches with no one in front of us was just what we needed. Kept telling myself the "breathing air" was fresher in our location. Anna did so well on the flights, reading books and watching liberty kids history series. She just kept saying "this is a most unusual day"! Because we left our house at 4:00AM then found ourselves eating lunch at 10:00 when we arrived in Detroit, the rest of the day and night, she kept wanting me to clarify "which meal is this" as the flight attendants would bring food out on our flight to Beijing. I wasn't sure myself. She said,"I get to watch so much stuff on the iPad and I have never gone so long without sleep" " We are eating sandwiches and cookies at 9:00 on your watch….mom!"

I explained to her, that we had seats in this bulkhead area on our return flight home with her, when she was just a baby, I told her how we sat her on a blanket at our feet and let her pull things out of my travel bag as it kept her entertained when she was awake. It is hard to believe that was 8 years ago. Anna's Gotcha day is Sunday, April 7th. Then on Monday, April 8th we will be celebrating our gotcha day with Amy. Two precious gifts…one day apart. His plan. Our blessing.
Tomorrow we take the bullet train to Shijiazhuang and we hope to get out to do a little shopping. Anna gets to pick out something special for herself as we celebrate the day she was placed in our arms. Our hearts are so full of love and emotion, gratitude that comes from a most humbling gift……to be entrusted with the life of another……the gift of which we will never get over!
Here is a shout out to our Ping Jiang family! Happy Gotcha day girls we love you and will be thinking of you all…remembering.

Thank you for praying for Anna and Amy. We are asking for a very special bond between the two of them. Anna is so excited to be a big sister. She has also been the princess of our castle long enough to be feeling just a little insecure about sharing that title.
We are praying for Amy as her little world is about to be turned upside down. Praying for God's mercies and protection over her and complete restoration for her. Please pray for Scott and I to have love, wisdom, and understanding in how to meet Amy's needs and earn her trust.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Love from Beijing China,
Krist, Scott and Anna

Internet and phones run very slow. We will post as we are able, but not sure what we will find at next Hotel along communication lines.
Also, I had a bout with vertigo and travel sickness last portion of flight/ was a long and turbulent landing…..still feeling bit off balance. Please pray for me to get steady again and gain my equilibrium. We are rested and ready to catch the bullet train midday today. We are grateful for cool temps and good air for Beijing. Grateful for your prayers.